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The Bookalyser is a unique tool for writers, editors and publishers which analyses a text (which can be a whole book or other document) for inconsistencies, errors and poor style (it is not a spelling or grammar checker - Word does that stuff). It was created by a professional editor. The full tool runs more than 70 different tests (and growing) across 17 report areas in about 20 seconds, for up to 200,000 words at once. It works on fiction and non-fiction, and for British and American English. You can try a cut-down version below (c.40 tests in 9 areas, 75,000-word limit) for free, or view a sample full report. Or sign up now for a ridiculously low price!

Paste some text in here (at least 5,000 words recommended):
TIP: Don't include your table of contents, dedication etc at the top.

(All text submitted remains copyright of its author, of course.)

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