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Are you finding the hidden mistakes in your writing?

Whether you're going to an agent or a publisher, or self-publishing, your book needs to be polished. It's a fact that poorly edited books get worse reviews at Amazon and Goodreads. But all it takes is a little care to avoid that.

The Bookalyser is a unique tool for writers, editors and publishers which analyzes a text (it can be a whole book or other document) for inconsistencies, errors and poor style (it is not a spelling or grammar checker - Word does that stuff). It was created by a professional editor. The full tool runs more than 80 different tests (and growing) across 20 report areas, typically in less than 30 seconds, for up to 200,000 words at once. It works on fiction and non-fiction, and for British and American English. It does not use AI and does not share your text anywhere.

Paste some text in below to see just a few of the types of error or inconsistency that might be lurking in your text - or to use the full tool you can sign up now - you can do so for FREE!

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